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FABulous Open Call 3

Call identifier: FAB-3
Publication date: 2017-06-08
Opening date: 2017-06-08 17:00:00 (CET)
Closing date: 2017-08-02 17:00:00 (CET)
Total call budget: 600,000.00 €
Status: Closed
Ending date of proposals evaluation: 2017-08-26
Starting date of negotiations: 2017-08-28
Ending date of negotiations: 2017-10-05
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Call Summary

FABulous Open Call 3 aims at supporting SMEs, web entrepreneurs and startups with innovative ideas to take up FIWARE technology (i.e. FIWARE Generic Enablers, Specific Enablers and/or domain specific platforms) in order to develop applications and services in the 3D printing domain.

FABulous 4.0 targets both the virtual and physical sectors supporting new services, products and applications.

Call Keywords

  • Industry 4.0
  • Digital Fabrication
  • 3D printing
  • Crowd-sourcing design tools
  • ICT for manufacturing
  • Advanced manufacturing processing
  • ICT-based business development
  • Market readiness
  • Innovation Management
  • Future Internet technologies
  • Cloud computing
  • IPR Management
  • Virtual Fabrication
  • Creative industries
  • ICT in design
  • Mobile applications and services
  • Logistics